Foundation Laid in Yoga (FLY)


Course Details :

Objective : Only for individuals who seek 1-to-1 sessions for deep learning experience in Traditional yoga in its authentic form

Trainer Credentials : CYA International, Ministry of AYUSH/QCI & Kaivalyadhama certified. 

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Highlights : 

* Individual sessions with 1-to-1 attention for any specific therapeutic needs or general wellness

* 40 + essential Asanas with focus on posture significance, anatomy, benefits and limitations 

* Surya Namaskar with 12 mantras for weight loss, emotional stability and spiritual benefits 

* Shuddikriyas for cleansing & Core Pranayama practices

* Traditional Meditation techniques

* Self-practice Sessions 

* Assessment 

Age group : 15 years & above

Duration :

    - Minimum 2-3 sessions per week for 3 Months is recommended

    - Both Weekdays & Weekend options available

    - 60 minutes per session

Note : For enrollment and fees details, please contact us